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Our Culture and Values

Our Culture & Values

30 North’s values are an integral part of our day-to-day business operations. Our values are also key to who we are as a team inside and outside the office. Our values below help guide us every day when making decisions and operating the company, interacting with employees and our valued customers.

We pride ourselves on delivering our valuable clients with the level of service that we would expect for ourselves with the systems and quality we would install on not only our own homes but the homes of our friends and family.

  1. We operate as one team.
  2. We provide quality workmanship and deliver best-in-class products.
  3. We act with honesty and with integrity
  4. Safety is at the core of all our operations.
  5. We are innovators who welcome change.
  6. We are innovators who drive change.
  7. We strive to exceed customer expectations.
  8. We strive to lower costs.