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In Home Solar Consultation

In Home Solar Consultation

Our Process

A 30 North expert consultant will visit you in your home and undertake a full analysis of your solar energy needs, your home and full site evaluation for free using state of the art solar design equipment to ensure there are no expensive surprises on the day of install. We look at the correlation between your energy needs now and future, your budget, your home and the best of available solar technology to accurately tailor a system and quotation for you with No Hidden Extras.

Don’t worry if you are short on time, we can with your permission perform all the external analysis and design prior to the consultation.

Your 30 North consultant will physically inspect your home and measure your roof to ensure that you have the space for your desired system. They will also ensure that the site is accessible and safe for our installation teams.

Your consultant will also assess your site for any shading issues; measure the amount of irradiation your site receives with our state of the art site analysis equipment. A review of your electrical system is also performed to ensure that it’s ready for installation, preventing any unwelcome and expensive surprises on the day of install. Your consultant will then sit with you and discuss your current and future energy consumption, your budget and any issues discovered on site to be sure you have a full understanding of what you are in for - in plain English! Your consultant will design a system for you that will give optimal performance and a tailored fit to your home. You will be presented with a comprehensive quotation with no hidden extras and a detailed system design including a roof plan that accurately forecasts performance based on your site details.

Things we don’t do….

Send you a pushy sales person who knows how to recite a product brochure in a meaningful way and show you generic system components they don’t fully understand. Trust us when we say that we have turned up to installs during our years of installing for other retailers where the system doesn’t fit or the system is never going to meet the needs of the client.

Use Google Earth or Nearmaps to inaccurately measure your roof!

Use Google Earth or near maps to inaccurately measure your roof or leave it as a surprise for installation teams to figure out on the day of install. We can tell you from our years of experience installing for other QLD retailers just how inaccurate this design mythology is. If a sales rep presents you with event the notion of a satellite roof plan listen out for the alarm bells!

Sell or install cheap and cheerful panels!

Sell or install cheap and cheerful panels, inverters or balance of system items. All products we offer and install have passed rigorous criteria to make it into our catalogue of products. Your system should be about fit for purpose and not fit for price, in this industry you get what you pay for! Please visit our image gallery at the bottom of the maintenance for poor installs and you be the judge!

Offer ridiculously inefficient upgradable packages!

Offer ridiculously inefficient upgradable packages with a large inverter that can only generate an output relevant to the number and size in Watts of panels installed. Be very careful when evaluating these deals, ask the following questions. Will I be able to match the panels in a few years and what will they cost? More than likely this panel will be superseded by a panel with larger capacity and the panels will be mismatched.

WARNING: Mismatch losses are caused by the interconnection of solar cells or panels which do not have identical properties or which experience different conditions from one another. Mismatch losses are a serious problem in PV panels and arrays under some conditions as the output of the entire PV panel under worst case conditions is determined by the solar cell with the lowest output.

We won’t cram you roof past its capacity!

We won’t cram you roof past its capacity and offer reverse tilts as a way to get more panels on the roof to inflate commissions.

Push bulk purchased products on you!

Push a particular product because we bought a container load from somewhere where quality isn’t a high priority and there is better margin in it for us.

Surprise you with additional costs!

We won't surprise you with additional costs on the day of installation: such as switchboard or sub-board upgrades which can cost between $450 - $1600, service links up to $350 depending upon the number of phases, lifting equipment up to $1000 per day or travel charges. You get the picture!

If you are looking for great service, a tailored best-in-class high quality solar system with a professional company that understands solar based on years on installations and testing, you have come to the right place. 30 North will be around for the life of your system and beyond (and not just the life of a rebate scheme). Please CONTACT 30 NORTH TODAY!