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Why Not Finance Your Solar System

Why not finance your Solar System?

Why not finance your Solar System?

Solar systems like finance, is best left to the professionals. You wouldn’t trust just anyone with your financial details would you? We only partner with the best to ensure you don’t become a casualty of a finance package that doesn’t fit your needs, loaded with hidden costs.

30 North can provide you with a number of options to help finance your solar investment.

Option 1 – Finance your existing home loan

30 North has teamed up with a finance industry market leader, Aussie Home Loans, to help provide affordable finance options to our valued customers.

The way that ‘The Solar Powered Home Loan’ program works is that the home owner extends their current mortgage to pay for the cost of their new solar system purchase. The solar system will first supply power to the home and any excess power generated will be exported to the mains grid which the home owner will be paid a feed-in tariff from their energy retailer for. The home owner then takes the savings they have made on power bills and potential credits received from their energy retailer and applies the funds back into their mortgage as additional repayments.

This method can effectively save home owners thousands on their home loans.

Talk to 30 North about financing your solar system and the potential savings you can make on your power bills!

Option 2 – Interest Free Payment Plan Finance

30 North have partnered with a number of providers that offer interest free finance to our valued customers. This allows customers to make the switch to solar by making affordable monthly repayments without being charged any interest during the finance period.

Call us today to talk about what finance options we can offer you.

There are real savings to be made with solar. The average family in Queensland will spend between fifty-five thousand to sixty-five thousand dollars on electricity over the next 25 years. Electricity prices will rise every year, we believe the rise will be between 5% - 8%.

There are many variables that determine the amount of savings to be made with a solar system including system size, your load profile and interest rates, just to name a few. One thing is guaranteed, the price of power is on the rise and will continue to cost more every year. Feed in tariffs are not critical to getting a return on your investment.