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Solar System Compliance (&) Safety Audit

Solar System Compliance & Safety Audit

One of our qualified inspection teams will carry out a series of tests and inspections on your solar system. Closely looking at the electrical and mechanical components to ensure they are compliant and that the system has been installed correctly and that it is electrically safe. We will ensure that the system complies with the Clean Energy Council (CEC) Australian Standards. A comprehensive report will be provided detailing every aspect of your system and the inspection results.

  1. Site safety analysis.
  2. Shading check.
  3. Site Irradiance measurements.
  4. Full Electrical inspection - AC, DC and earthing.
  5. Full mechanical inspection - Inverter array(s) fittings and fixtures.
  6. Checking the system against Australian standards at time of its installation.
  7. The systems basic electrical characteristics will be tested and recorded.
  8. Earth resistance testing.
  9. Panel Clean and inspection and re-torqueing the panel fixings.
  10. Testing and checking the switchboard and/or sub board.
  11. The Inverter will be tested to ensure it is operating correctly.
  12. All switch gear will be tested to ensure safe operation.
  13. Penetration test for water and moisture ingress.
  14. A comprehensive report will be provided.

Regular Maintenance can pick up issues relating to warranty claims, saving you thousands of dollars. Systems that are not installed incorrectly or have substandard BOS components can result in underperforming systems, or pose a real risk to life and property.

TIP: Failing to properly maintain your system could void warranties and insurance claims.