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30 North Solar Systems

30 North Solar Systems

We offer solar systems from 1.5kW to 5kW for residential clients to fit all budgets. As we tailor solar systems to fit with your life, your budget and your home, our high quality packages can be moulded to your home or business with one free in home consultation.

Our product lines give us the flexibly to adapt to even the most challenging installations. There hasn’t been a home yet we couldn’t fit with a high quality solar system. The only roof type we do not install on is asbestos, so if you have aluminium, terracotta or any other roof materials we can help. Call us today to book an in home consultation.

Our time in the field installing for other retailers has taught us some important lessons. The most important lesson learned is that clients don’t like expensive surprises sprung on them on the day of install. That’s why we conduct detailed in home solar consultations and provide you with a tailored solar quote with no hidden surprises.

Our prices are very competitive and importantly our clients always comment that our "pricing is fair and reasonable and our attention to detail is second to none". Our clients love the fact that the "quoted price is the final price".

We believe in accountability. If we miss something we pay for it!

30 North Solar Products

If you are looking for Best-in-Class solar products and service offerings coupled with a high standard of excellence, you have found just what you are looking for. We offer nothing less!

30 North is a full service solar provider, with everything you need to power your home with clean solar energy. If you already have a solar system installed, we can carry out testing and maintenance to ensure your system is safe and performing correctly. Our product catalogue is built upon our vast installation and PV testing experience.

We pride ourselves on delivering to our valuable clients high quality solar products and services that we would expect for ourselves, on our own homes and on the homes of our friends and family. We will oversee your entire solar experience from sales through to installation and maintenance. We provide a single point of contact and accountability throughout the life of your system.

We carefully consider a multitude of factors when looking at a solar product and the delivery of a service. Our products are under the microscope. We study the product’s base materials, embodied energy - this is the energy to produce the product, how they handle the heat – very important for QLD, month-by-month performance in Queensland conditions based at your home.

We will oversee your entire solar process from design to installation and beyond. 30 North will be your single point of contact and accountable throughout the life of your system. Our experience with installing high quality solar power systems and our uncompromising service is paving our way to achieving our goal of becoming the industry benchmark.

Our climate calls for the right combination of solar products and installation techniques that will stand the test of time in the harsh Queensland environment. All solar products we recommend, sell and install are best-in-class and have been field tested by our highly skilled installation teams and have passed our quality assurance testing.

The 30 North Solar Product lines

Panel Manufacturers:

Inverter Manufacturers:

Framing Manufacturers:

Warning: A solar system is not a plug and play appliance!

Selecting the right solar system for your home isn’t as simple as matching a panel with an inverter or matching a generic “budget or premium” package with your budget. Sadly, most retailers would like you to believe this fairy-tale.

A solar system is not a plug and play appliance! Each core component can affect the performance and the system’s lifespan. A system can be broken down into three components: Module, Inverter and Balance of System (BOS) as well as two delivery mechanisms: the retailer and the installer. All of these factors need to be selected carefully to ensure you get the right system for your energy needs, your budget and your home.

Definition “Quality” In this industry the word “Quality” is misused and subjectively represented. Through our PV Testing we have met many clients who thought they purchased a quality system. Unfortunately, they had fallen victim to a marketing pitch from retailers who buy products at the cheapest price that they can bundle up. Another trend we are seeing retailers do is endorsing products on the country of origin or manufacture with the hope that the perceived reputation will be enough to fool the unaware into believing the product is of quality.

TIP: Be mindful when a retailer is marketing a system on cheap pricing or weekly payments without declaring the make, model, country of origin and manufacturer of the panels and inverter. Caution…8 x 190 watt panels with a 3kW inverter - this is not a good enough description and should send ALARM bells ringing!

Take a look at our PV Testing page case studies or visit the Clean Energy Regulators (CER) website. These people also sadly thought they were buying quality. Recent testing of 3012 installed PV solar systems carried out across Australia by the Clean Energy Regulator (CER) produced some interesting results:

View The Clean Energy Regulator Inspections

30 North's “Quality” Definition!

“Best-in-Class offering a high Standard of Excellence”

Our Products

One thing you will notice about this site and 30 North is that we have built our industry reputation on delivering accurate information based on real testing results coupled with great service. Our clients receive systems tailored to their needs. We don’t believe in advertising on our site big brand names in the hope that the unsuspecting punter will believe this somehow correlates to a quality experience or product. Instead we focus on demonstrating this to you via our in-home consultation.

We sell and install all of the best-in-class Australian, European, Japanese and American brands with reputations built on years of research and development. Our panel technology spans across all classes including Monocrystalline, Polycrystalline, Thin Film Amorphous, Hybrid and Micromorph. Our inverter technology includes Transformerless (TL), High frequency (HF), Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) and Micro inverters.

Our goal is to tailor a system for you based on your specific needs. Want to find out more? Contact us for a free in-home consultation!

TIP: If you are investing in a solar system the key performance measure is kWh out for kW installed. Don’t be fooled by the efficiency rating on a panel as this relates to the highest efficiency per surface area in real world conditions. This is only useful to know if you have limited space.

A 30 North expert consultant will visit you in your home and undertake a full analysis of your energy needs, your home and full site evaluation using state of the art equipment to ensure there are no expensive surprises on the day of install. We look at the correlation between your energy needs now and in the future, your budget, your home and the best of available technology to accurately tailor a system and quotation for you with no hidden extras.

Don’t worry if you are short on time, we can with your permission perform all the external analysis and design prior to the consultation. Book today

NOTE: There are real savings to be made with solar. The average family in Queensland will spend between fifty five thousand to sixty five thousand dollars on electricity over the next 25 years. Electricity prices will rise every year, we believe the rise will be between 5% - 8%.


With or without rebates and the FIT solar is a win-win either way! For every kW/h your home consumes from your system, you save the amount equal to the fee you are charged per kW/h by your energy retailer. If your consumption is lower you feed the balance to the grid and you get paid the FIT for anything you export with the added benefit of doing your part to reduce carbon (CO2) emissions.