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Solar Referral Program

Refer Solar to a Friend

Discounted solar for your friends and family! We all want to see more people saving energy and adopting renewable energy. Now you can be part of the solution! Join the 30 North Refer-A-Friend program and earn rewards when your friends and family go solar or make their homes more energy efficient with 30 North. Rest assured your friends and family will be in good hands with 30 North!


30 North’s Refer-A-Friend program is for current customers and anyone who wants to help their friends and family save money, the environment and ensure the safety of their installed systems by making the switch to solar energy or 30 North’s maintenance programs. You don't have to be a 30 North customer to participate. Get started today! Make your selection from the “Purpose of Enquire” dropdown box to find out more about the program!

    Program Benefits

    1. Discounted system maintenance and testing if you already have a solar system installed
    2. Discounted products and services
    3. Eligibility for exclusive promotions
    4. Your friends and family will thank you for saving them money on their energy bills!
    5. The more friends and family you refer to 30 North, the more benefits you will receive. You could receive a free high quality solar system just by getting a bunch of your friends and family to make the switch to solar with 30 North. Contact us to find out how!

    Getting Started

    Sign up by completing a simple application. Then start referring your friends. We will send you monthly updates on the progress of all your referrals. Sign up today!

    Terms and Conditions